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On August 2, 2015, during a meeting of the 193 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly, a draft text for the 2015-2030 development agenda was adopted: Watch the UN proceedings... 

Find out more about the process here

In September, the member states of the United Nations will consider and adopt 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The UN Millennium Campaign's MyWorld survey brought together views of 7.5 million people in 194 countries, and established that people around the world want economic and political priorities to act in the world sustainably, building not only momentary improvements, but improvements that last, without causing new harm. 

The World We Want platform was created to facilitate engagement with all of the SDG and give people around the world a way to participate in the post-2015 development agenda. In June, Pope Francis' Encyclical Letter Laudato Si: On Caring for Our Common Home connected ongoing disruption of Earth's climate system with economic justice, excess consumption and the need for responsible human ecology. In July, at the Post-2015 Strategy Hub at the UN in New York, a call was made to do the important work of connecting the climate issue to the other 16 global goals. 

Our Global Goals Workstream will take on that responsibility and spend time drawing direct connections between the SDGs and the climate policy process, through life in communities, ecosystem resilience, and economic sustainability and fairness. 

We invite you to join the founding team for the Global Goals Workstream, to go live in late August 2015. 

To sign up, go to and join.

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