Participation Workstream

The Pathway to Paris project will be activating a number of issue-focused citizen workstreams on the World We Want platform. These workstreams will be built on the foundation of working sessions, through which advocates, collaborators, experts and newcomers, join together to reach coordinated approaches to raising ambition on the issue in question. These workstreams will allow partners from around the world to support deeper understanding and more creative thinking about actions agreed in Paris. The open working sessions and issue-focused workstreams will, in turn, serve as the foundation for a lasting, always-active Citizens' Climate Engagement Network, that will accelerate direct participation in future climate policy process, ambition and implementation.

Article 6 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change calls for facilitating participation by citizens, but does not lay out a specific process for that engagement. As a result, the governments who are Parties to the UNFCCC have left the focus of Article 6 more on education and information, sometimes making an effort to provide training and support to constituencies that can benefit from participating in climate solutions. 


In June, the Article 6 dialogues called for a significant intensification of: 

  1. Climate education, at all levels, especially among youth
  2. Training and support for vulnerable communities 
  3. Technical training for businesses and local officials 
  4. Direct citizen participation in climate policy and in the global process 

The question, for many, remains: what can citizens do, while stepping up their engagement, to help achieve the other goals of the Convention, such as especially: avoiding dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system?

We invite you to join the founding team for the Participation Workstream, to go live in late August 2015. 

To sign up, go to and join.

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