Workstreams Process Guidance

Pathway to Paris Workstreams are collaborations between citizens and advocates, experts and non-experts, who commit to working together toward the resolution of complex policy challenges, and to ensure a robust, evolving and detailed information sharing process that empowers everyone across the team. This will underpin a global engagement activity working around the clock during the COP21 and serve as the foundation for an always active Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, which will launch in Paris, in December.

In August, we will begin building the workstreams into the Pathway to Paris consultation on the World We Want——so their ongoing activities and work output can be shared, accessed, and influenced by as diverse a network of contributors as possible.

Other Issue Areas

Please keep in mind that as we build this global citizen engagement strategy, we are welcoming contributions on all relevant issue areas. Our local working sessions are designed to discover and refine these shared areas of focus. If you are interested in helping to build an always-active workstream on another issue, please consider downloading or sharing our Toolkit, to facilitate one or more local meetings on the subject, and make sure to reach out to us through the form at:

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