Defending Against Externalities


Global Online Policy Forum: Defending Against Externalities

Times across the world:
7:00 am San Diego / 8:00 am Salt Lake City / 9:00 am Panamá / 11:00 am Halifax / 3:00 pm London / 4:00 pm Berlin / 5:00 pm Nairobi / 6:00 pm Abu Dhabi / 7:30 pm New Delhi / 7:45 pm Kathmandu / 8:00 pm Dhaka / 10:00 pm Perth / 11:59 pm Canberra / 2:00 am (10/14) Auckland

The main subject of this event is a transition in thinking from the view of carbon pricing as penalty to a view of carbon pricing as an efficient way to protect an economy against the ravages of pervasive, hidden cost. Central to the discussion is how we live our energy economy, not just in terms of the affordability of retail pricing, but also in terms of the quality of life impact from the complex of forces that is: the energy itself, the economic ease of access, and the degree to which the way we use energy does or does not produce future harm, risk and cost, or future benefit, health and liberty. 

If all nations shift from the view that pricing carbon is a penalty for historic contributions, then we can prevent the harm, risk and cost, of dependence on fossil fuels from infiltrating developing economies around the world. 

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