Oceans Workstream

oceans-icon.pngThe health of our oceans is a vital component of the Earth's life-support systems. Without the oxygen-exhaling life that has evolved in the oceans, we would not have enough oxygen in the atmosphere to support advanced mammalian life. The oceans absorb far more of the excess thermodynamic energy trapped in our climate system that the atmosphere. The oceans actually act both as vehicles for and regulators of world-wide thermodynamic energy flows which make up our climate system. 

In so many ways, the oceans provide us with the possibility of living in this world. 

We are now in the stage of building an Oceans Workstream, to allow citizens, stakeholders, advocates and policy experts to together to increase the ambition and efficacy of policies affecting our oceans and their relationship to future climate conditions. 

To sign up, go to pathwaytoparis.org/workstreams and join.

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