NCSE Conference Takes on Climate Change


On January 27-29 2015 the National Council for Science and the Environment will hold its 15th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment: Energy and Climate Change at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport.

Citizens' Climate Lobby is a collaborating organization, so you can receive a registration discount, by entering the code CCL2015. (Register here. CCL volunteers, read the full post for your registration instructions, below.) 

The conference will engage over 1,200 leaders in science, technology, policy or governance, business, civil society, and education in an effort to develop and advance partnerships across traditional boundaries. It will emphasize putting ideas into action—moving forward on policy and practice that will assist in transitioning the world to a new “low carbon” and “climate resilient” energy system.

The conference is organized around four themes:

  • A new energy “system”
  • Energy, climate, and sustainable development
  • Financing and markets
  • Achieving progress

Within these four themes are symposia that include “Preparing for COP 21”, “US-China Partnerships”, “The Future of Coal”, “EPA Clean Energy Plan”, “Strategies to Advance Low Carbon Transportation”, “Energy for All”, “Carbon Pricing”, “Higher Education, Energy and Climate”, and “Reframing Energy for the 21st Century.”

Citizens' Climate Lobby and the Pathway to Paris project are coordinating two events during the NCSE Conference: a 90-minute Symposium and a 3-hour Workshop, on Carbon Pricing, Coalition-Building and International Action toward COP21. 

Register today (instructions for CCL volunteers below) to attend this landmark conference, which will play a role in shaping the outcome of global climate solution negotiations this year. (Discount code: CCL2015)


Read the Pathway to Paris Core Principles Whitepaper, for background information. Also see our reporting on the value of direct citizen engagement and the meaning of the US-China climate deal

For added background and consideration, read reports on First-Level ResiliencyGenerative EconomicsRevenue-Neutral Carbon Pricing, and how these can build Vibrant Local Economies

For further process-oriented background, read our Pathway to Paris reporting from the Lima COP20 in December and our opening blog post for 2015: This is Not a Game (on the 2015 climate policy process)


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