CCL Interview on RTCC Climate Change TV

On Thursday, December 11, 2014, in the Climate Change Studio in Zone G at the COP20 venue in Lima, I had the chance to speak to RTCC's Climate Change TV about the work of Citizens' Climate Lobby. I was proud to be able to say these words, on behalf of CCL and our thousands of volunteers: "Though we can't bring all of our volunteers here, we can actually bring their voices here, and we've had a really positive experience with some of the Parties wanting to see that direct connection with constituents."

The interview also covers the Carbon Fee and Dividend plan, the economic benefits and fiscal efficiency of the plan, and how we translated those features into the 5 core principles of the Pathway to Paris project. A key point for the COP process is that there is waste inherent in not pricing carbon. If we consider that waste, and get transparent efficient cost-effective carbon pricing in place, then we can make it easier for countries to attract investment, both public and private, to speed their transition into the low-carbon future. 

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