FOCUS 2015

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Cities are major players on sustainability issues and resiliency. The path to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and the success of the Paris Climate Change in December 2015, at wich an international agreement should be reached, depends greatly on local government involvment. As a consequence, the Embassy of France, in conjunction with the US government and American NGOs, organizes FOCUS 2015 in March 2015.


A forum of US and French community decision makers cooperating towards concrete and sustainable outcomes through mutually beneficial exchanges of political, technical and technological solutions. This conference will kick-start long-term and formal cooperation among officials and practitioners concerned with sustainable urban development in France and the United States. It also aims at paving the way to the participation of US cities in December 2015 Paris Climate Conference.


The conference will be open to those with knowledge, desire and experience at the metropolitan level on the issue of climate change and sustainability toward economic growth. This includes: elected officials, public administrations, academics, private companies, financing sector, NGOs and others willing to engage in a problem-focused, goal-oriented discussion. The participation is free of charge but seats are limited to 250.


To ease information-sharing and provide the best opportunities for exchange, six workshops will be organized on Thursday March 5th:

  • Transportation & Land Use,
  • Energy,
  • Water & Waste Management,
  • Resiliency,
  • Urban Policy & Community Empowerment,
  • Methods & Finance for Sustainable Cities

Their conclusions will be presented and discussed on a plenary session on Friday March 6th.

March 05, 2015 at 8am - 5pm
Embassy of France

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