Online Working Session, no. 1


Though this event is past, you can still participate, by filling in the online worksheet. The worksheet will be available for 7 days from the start of the online Working Session. 

Working Session start times

- New York 7:00 pm Feb 4; San Diego 4:00 pm Feb 4
- London 12:00 midnight; Paris 1:00 am Feb 5
- Kathmandu 5:45 am; Dhaka 6:00 am Feb 5
- Perth 8:00 am Feb 5; Sydney 11:00 am Feb 5

After our Direct Engagement Working Sessions at Impact Hub, and at the National Council for Science and the Environment, we will host an online Working Session, to assimilate and build on the insights from these events. 

To join this event, download the free Fuze software, dial by phone or view in your browser.

- Fuze Meeting ID: 27660722
- Join by phone: +1-201-479-4595 (enter Meeting ID when prompted)
- URL: (view/listen only)

Participants will have the opportunity to directly contribute to the shaping of the Pathway to Paris Priorities Matrix, a coordinating strategy document that will be used to raise ambitions for consensus on effective climate policy implementation at the COP21 in Paris. Participants are invited to convene small groups in their location, to offer not only the insights of one person, but of the group joining from that room. 

During the Working Session, we will use this form, to gather participants' priorities, suggestions, and commitments. 

We will facilitate discussion on Twitter, using the hashtag #CCLParisWS, and we will share useful insights in the Fuze meeting. Twitter posts will be considered informal contributions, not direct engagement in the Working Session. 

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Report from NCSE

On the morning of January 28, at the NCSE Conference, outside of Washington, DC, we hosted a Symposium on Carbon Pricing, Coalition-building and International Action toward COP21. The panel and moderated discussion included:

- Scott Nystrom, REMI
- Tom Kerr, IFC/World Bank Group
- Adele Morris, Brookings
- Janet Larsen, Earth Policy Institute
- Lutz Weischer, Germanwatch

We then hosted a 3-hour Pathway to Paris Working Session, where participants formed six Working Groups, to work on specific focus areas for increasing ambition and securing effective outcomes in Paris:

- The Carbon Linguists
- Champions of Carbon Pricing
- Climate Finance for Sustainable Development
- An Institution beyond UNFCCC
- Moving from Abstract Metrics (2ºC) to Actionable Targets
- Principles for Pricing Carbon

Read the full report here:

Report from Impact Hub

On Thursday, January 15, 2015, the Pathway to Paris project hosted its first Direct Engagement Working Session, at Impact Hub, in New York City. Citizens from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, came together to work on a coordinating framework for the coming Paris agreement. They formed working groups, debated policy priorities, and produced working drafts of policy analysis for six focus areas, relating to the global climate negotiations.

The six Working Group focus areas were:

- Carbon Pricing
- Climate Finance
- The Discount Rate and Intergenerational Equity
- Education and Engagement
- International Cooperation (for a globally harmonized, locally retained carbon tax)
- Water and Food Resources

You can read the full report here:

February 04, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Fuze Meeting ID: 27660722
Joseph Robertson
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