Pricing Carbon in Paris: A Strategic Plan


A presentation about economics, engagement and process
by Citizens’ Climate Lobby

World Bank Civil Society Forum
Saturday, October 11, 2014, at 1:00 pm ET 
Room I2-250 

  • Joseph Robertson: CCL, Global Strategy Director 
  • John Hansen: CCL, Coalition Development Specialist 

The “bundle of everything” treaty negotiation process has failed to produce a real solution for 20 years. So we need something simpler, rooted in principles we know can bring a more effective solution. Over the next 14 months, we will build a coalition of supporters, leaders, advocates, governments, businesses and stakeholders, to keep everyone focused on making the following principles the core of a Paris treaty to mitigate climate disruption:

  • A steady, resolute and rising carbon price.
  • Internalizing costs incrementally, steadily and with no leakage.
  • Simple, transparent, effective at reducing emissions.
  • Building economic value at the human scale.
  • Easy to implement: country by country, harmonizing across borders.

The presentation will outline the findings of a study conducted by Regional Economic Models, Inc., and detail how it reinforces the above principles, by building value for local communities, where they live and breathe. Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Global Strategy Director will explain the Pathway to Paris coalition-building effort that will allow civil society to play a role in securing this efficient, effective climate action in Paris, in 2015. 

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  • Joseph Robertson
    commented 2014-11-14 09:23:17 -0500
    Hi Jan, as we all know, politics is complicated, and you have to be present to have a say. That is why Citizens’ Climate Lobby is mobilizing thousands of citizen volunteers, who work together as always active teams, to build constructive, respectful, working relationships with their own members of Congress, including every skeptic and opponent of climate action. These citizens find common ground with their elected officials, spend time listening to their concerns and priorities, discuss shared values that allow them to discover together the basic economic wisdom of a revenue-neutral fee and dividend plan, as illustrated here:

    There are many in the GOP who want to be part of a climate solution. It’s the perceived lack of general political will to support such action that keeps people of conscience from working together. We are getting citizens into the game, to take party politics out of this issue, and get a real solution.
  • Jan Freed
    commented 2014-10-31 23:06:25 -0400
    How would you get the U.S. to accede to such a CFD, given the resistance of the GOP?