Carbon Pricing Workstream

cpw-icon.pngThe Carbon Pricing Workstream is the first of our policy-focused Workstreams for the COP21 in Paris to start regular work.

There is a standing meeting, every Thursday at 10:00 am EDT (New York time). See below for global start times. 

With the goal of introducing principled guiding language into the final text of the 2015 Paris Agreement, the Paris Intervention Carbon Pricing Workstream is an action-focused initiative, within the Pathway to Paris Working Sessions, aimed at shaping language that can be included in the text of the Paris agreement to anchor a wide range of national carbon pricing initiatives and ensure that the voice of stakeholders is heard and included in the international climate agreement. 

We will review and assess the current working text of the international climate agreement, explore its structure, examine the specific language used to address to carbon pricing, define and refine that language, expose weaknesses, “loop holes” and “escape hatches”, and identify areas of opportunity to introduce new language that supports economically efficient, socially equitable, and environmentally effective carbon pricing and climate solutions.

Working Session start times

- San Diego 7:00 am; New York 10:00 am
- London 3:00 pm; Paris 4:00 pm
- Abu Dhabi 6:00 pm; Dhaka 8:00 pm
- Perth 10:00 pm; Sydney 11:59 pm

To join our Working Sessions, download the free Fuze software, dial by phone or view in your browser.

- Fuze Meeting ID: 27660722
- Join by phone: +1-201-479-4595 (enter Meeting ID when prompted)
- URL: (view/listen only)

To sign up for our Carbon Pricing Workstream, go to and join. 

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