ccl-cce-banner-150131-v1nb.pngPathway to Paris is a global organizing project from Citizens' Climate Lobby and Citizens' Climate Education aimed at building a working coalition of engaged partners, including citizens and stakeholders, NGOs, multilateral institutions, scholars, leading policy-makers, and the private sector, to actively coordinate a strong and effective consensus agreement in Paris. We launched this effort on September 23, 2014, after attending the UN Secretary General's Climate Summit, in New York. 

hansen-140923.jpgPathway to Paris adapts CCL's citizen empowerment model to this coalition effort, helping advocates, policy experts, and citizens, amplify their capacity and expand their reach. Through UNFCCC climate conferences, World Bank meetings, and coordination of citizens' efforts to engage their own elected officials, around the world, we are coordinating a global, policy-enhancing team effort.

We are doing this in the following ways: 

Hosting Direct Engagement Working Sessions, for citizens and stakeholders to directly input ideas and language into the process. 

Building a Paris Priorities Matrix, to allow for easy coordination among diverse partners from countries around the world. This document will serve to coordinate non-governmental efforts leading up to and inside COP21, so people of conscience can expand their reach, target their efforts, and improve the policy outcome in Paris. 

Facilitating creation of a Youth Draft Paris Agreement—a viable draft treaty, from youth around the world, that can serve as an effective agreement to restore the climate. 

Mobilizing new CCL chapters, on every continent. 

Educating citizens, partners and policy-makers about the Core Principles of the Pathway to Paris project, and the Fee and Dividend plan they are drawn from. 

Forming a post-Paris network for direct citizen engagement, to succeed the Pathway to Paris project and ensure a lasting and meaningful role for citizens, stakeholders, young people and marginalized groups, in shaping global climate policy. 

Communication that not only tells or asks but empowers and connects will catalyze coordinated citizen engagement and build political will for bolder, more effective policy solutions. This is not strictly an exercise in messaging or online networking; it is a comprehensive strategy to mobilize concrete projects in direct support of a discernible increase in citizen engagement and fair, effective, visionary climate solutions. 

2015 provides an incomparable opportunity for building direct engagement between citizens and the policy-making process. We are committing ourselves to making a direct contribution to improving policy outcomes in 2015. As we do so, we will build a lasting citizen-driven network of support for direct democratic engagement in the policy process. Join us, and let's make 2015 the year we made the word citizenship synonymous with participation.