ParisProgress began as the Pathway to Paris, which launched on September 23, 2014, after the U.N. Secretary-General’s Climate Summit, in New York. The Pathway to Paris created a mechanism for stakeholder engagement in policy guidance to the 2015 U.N. Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris.

In a major 2-day stakeholder convening in Minneapolis, in October 2015, a governance strategy was adopted to convert the Pathway to Paris into the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network. The CCEN, operating through engage4climate.org, built a model for local stakeholder meetings based on structured policy workstreams.

That model first became a proposal for public participation reform in the U.N. Climage Change negotiations, and later became the Engage4Climate Talanoa Toolkit.

ParisProgress is a CCEN project to track and support implementation of the Paris Agreement, through:

We invite you to join the ParisProgress network, to tell your story about Paris Agreement implementation, and to use the Engage4Climate Toolkit to share your organization or community’s vision for a climate-smart sustainable future. 

ParisProgress is supported by Citizens’ Climate Education and Citizens’ Climate Lobby