— Tracking & supporting implementation of the Paris Agreement

Resilience Intel Charter aims for 100% climate-smart finance

The Resilience Intel Charter was launched at an open dialogue on Advancing the Climate-Smart Future of Finance, in San Francisco, during the Global Climate Action Summit. The Charter calls for progress on measuring hidden value and lays out principles for protecting and expanding natural capital, developing of wider pools of climate-smart finance, supporting locally rooted sustainability-driven economies, and building an integrated, multi-scale climate-smart economy.

The PARIS Principles for effective, efficient, equitable carbon pricing

  1. Price pollution with a defined, steadily rising price on climate-disrupting emissions, preferably at the source.
  2. Add momentum. Enhance incomes; build economic value at the human scale.
  3. Reduce emissions effectively and accountably, by keeping the administrative structure simple and transparent.
  4. Internalize inefficiencies — cost and harm linked to polluting business models — incrementally, with escalating certainty and with no leakage.
  5. Spread by aligning price signals and supporting policies, harmonizing across borders, so pricing can be enacted country by country.

Report from COP24

The COP24 in Katowice, Poland, was an opportunity to design and activate a global process to secure human liberty and prosperity. While it was not a meeting to solve all problems at once or to end climate change today, the defined outcome — the Katowice Climate Package [PDF] — provides some clear guidelines for nations to work toward a climate-smart future.

The Signals Brief — a climate-smart future news magazine

The Signals Brief is a climate-smart future news magazine, connected to Resilience Intel, and published on Flipboard. It is co-curated by Citizens’ Climate Education and Geoversiv, and aims to provide useful insights regarding: macro-critical drivers of value, efforts to visualize and capture external returns on investment, technical innovations and other signs of progress toward full-spectrum climate-smart finance.

The Signals Brief can be accessed at

Paris Progress tracks major events & climate solutions platforms

As implementation speeds ahead on the many operational elements of the Paris Agreement, there is an increasing need to provide a clear, concise, straightforward map of the landscape of action and innovation. aims to provide the clarifying insight of direct links to a number high-value, direct action platforms tracking or informing the implementation of the Paris Agreement.